Metroplex in the Press


Metroplex Management Group Launches Their Latest Eastern Expansion

Dallas TX, June 10, 2019 -- Metroplex Management Group continues its expansion across the nation’s greatest cities by maintaining its rank as one of Dallas’ most prominent marketing firms. Only the greatest growth tactics are used with their continued success as they conclude the first half of the year. There is no limit or cap to how far their market can potentially reach.


Metroplex Management Group Announces Largest Expansion Project Yet

Metroplex Management Group, premiere advertising and marketing firm in the Dallas area, has recently announced their expansion to the Philadelphia area. According to the Director of Operations at the firm, Bill Bishop, this is one of the largest expansion projects that the company has accomplished yet.


Metroplex Management Group Organizes Corporate Summit

The Corporate Summit, organized by Metroplex Director of Operations Bill Bishop, the three fold corporate training session held in Dallas and Chicago, is designed to boost corporate morale, expand associate knowledge on client promotions and allow for regional recognition for top performers.